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Use Click n’ Save to announce your promotions, sales or special offers. You can use the coupons as a simple announcement or for Shoppers to print out and redeem at your store, restaurant, or business. It’s the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get Shoppers through your door!

And we’re giving away coupons FREE for the entire month of May*.

We made a soft launch on 30 April 2018, and will be reaching out to businesses to book coupons on the site. Once a few coupons are booked, we’ll make an announcement to the general public through the media and in advertisements – online, on the radio and on social media. We’ll also be handing out small Click n’ Save cards to Shoppers, so let us know if you want some to hand out to your customers as well.

*Coupons must be valid during the month of May 2018. You can book as many weeks and coupons during May as you wish.


What are the benefits?

  • The potential reach: All of Bermuda!
  • Enhances your advertising efforts – shoppers going to the website are only looking for deals
  • Provides measurable results – you can keep track of coupons being redeemed
  • Run your campaign for as long as you like
  • Affordable advertising and measurable results are at your fingertips!

What kind of offer or promotion can I use a coupon for?

Don’t think you can run a promotion or offer? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Buy one, get one half off
  • 10%, 15%, 20% off – whatever percentage you like!
  • Kids eat for free! (or Kids eat for $xxx)
  • Spend over $50, get a (product) free
  • Storewide sale with up to 75% off selected items
  • Free delivery on orders over $xxxx
  • Exclusive offers – a “one-time” deal
  • First 20 people to buy get xxx% off
  • Got any products approaching their “sell by date”? Put them on a coupon!

How do I book coupon space?

  1. Booking deadline is the Thursday before the Monday you want the coupon to appear (e.g. book by Thursday 26 April for your coupon to appear on Monday 30 April). Coupons valid during the month of May are FREE. No payment required.
  2. Complete the online form under ‘Book your space’ providing:
    • Your name
    • Business name
    • Business address
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
    • Company logo (upload)
    • Image relating to your offer (upload – see artwork & information)
    • Description of what your offer includes and the conditions that apply
    • Choose how you want customers to redeem your offer (sale code, QR code or print coupon)
  3. Receive a confirmation of your booking by email from Click n’ Save
  4. Your coupon will be uploaded to the Click n’ Save website at midnight (Sundays) to appear on Monday morning
  5. Your coupon will also appear on our “New this week!” mailing list
  6. Shoppers click on the coupon to print it out or to display the code using their phone


Subscribers to our Mailing List will receive an email every Monday with the latest offers and promotions featured on the website.


The whole month of May is FREE!

From June, the rate will be $75 per coupon, per week

Coupons run weekly from/to Sunday midnight – so shoppers can use their coupons from the time your doors open on Monday morning to the time they close on the following weekend.

Coupons cannot be changed out during the course of a week. They must run from Monday morning to maximum Sunday evening.


Payment may be made through online banking (Butterfield Bank account 20006060 Advantage Ltd) or in cash at our office on Reid Street, Hamilton. When submitting payment online, please quote the Booking Reference number generated on your booking form.       NO PAYMENT REQUIRED FOR COUPONS VALID FOR MAY 2018.

What artwork and information do I need to provide for my coupon

You will need to provide the following when booking your coupon (logo and images must be a high-resolution jpg or png):

  • Your company logo (200 pixels x 150 pixels)
  • An image of the product on offer or an image that relates to your offer (740 pixels x 360 pixels)
  • A short description of your offer and any conditions that apply

You can view our template guide here .

If you need help with creating or sourcing any of these items, contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

What’s the deadline for me to book coupon space?

You can book anytime, but you will need to book, pay and upload your artwork and offer description by the end of business on the Thursday the week before you want your coupon to appear.

Coupons are uploaded to the website on Sunday night (at midnight), so Monday (the following day) is the coupon start date.


If you need to cancel the publication of an offer, we must receive notification in writing (by completing the Cancellation form) by latest Friday 5pm prior to Monday publication date in order for the ad to be removed from the site. If notification is received prior to the deadline, you will be refunded your payment minus a $25 administration fee. If notification is received after the deadline, the ad will be removed at our earliest opportunity and Click n’ Save will not be held liable for any misrepresentation. You will forfeit the equivalent of one week placement ($75) and any balance of your payment will be refunded.

Refunds for cancelled bookings will be processed within one week of receipt of the Cancellation Form. If original payment was made by bank transfer, then your refund will be processed the same way. If payment was made in cash at our office, your refund can be collected from our office at 54 Reid Street, Hamilton. Please note that cash refunds must be collected by appointment and require Government issued ID and signature for collection.

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